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aboutWelcome to Living: Marriage, Family, and Relationships a website dedicated to relationships wherever they may be in your life. Relationships are central to life and sources of great joy and fulfillment or at times sadness and challenge. Our goal is to provide insights and understanding for your life and relationships.  We have personally had our struggles in marriage and family and through wise counsel we have found the right responses and answers we desperately needed.  Our education in counseling began in 1978 in a course using a book, “Psychology of the Soul”.  We also were involved in learning the application of the Bible in life, in real day-to-day encounters and situations.  The year after we married, 1977, friends both singles and couples began coming to us about dating and future marriage relationships.  An amusing thing was that we had been married 6 whole months.  We certainly did not have many answers but we began to share the little we had learned in premarital counseling and in our readings about marriage.

While Gini worked as the primary leader rearing and educating our children, I continued to pursue a better understanding of counseling and the connection between the truth found in the Bible and life.  During our forty years of helping people, we have seen many changes in the counseling environment, methodology, and conclusions.  For example, in the 1970’s it was assumed that if there were problems between the parents particularly severe problems, it was better for the children to be removed from the home.  By the 1990’s, enough evidence had accumulated that child psychologists began to recommend children remain in the home unless the children were in danger of physical harm.  This is just one of the many movements we have observed in marriage and family counseling.

Where we are now.

In recent years, we have regularly participated in two counseling conferences and Mike has taken post-graduate courses in counseling.  The conferences are, the Association of Biblical Counseling and Christian Counseling Educational Foundation, conferences respectively.  These three sources provide insight into developments and changes in the counseling and therapy; insight into the evaluation processes that best serve persons; and insight into current thought about social and psychological needs.

We practice what is known as Biblical Counseling.   Biblical Counseling sits more or less in the middle of the spectrum of Christian counseling.  It learns from general and specialized psychology, physiology, and to some degree psychiatry in the evaluation process.  Biblical Counseling also draws strongly from the use and the application of biblical truth in the resolution process of counseling.  Biblical Counseling does not limit itself to those who practice or profess the Christian faith but offer hope and when needed referrals to professional caregivers.

Our goals

  • We believe the Bible is a special source of knowledge with particular application to the relationships that make up our lives.
  • We continue growing in our knowledge of classical and contemporary methods, clinical reports, and current trends in the world of counseling.
  • We also love serving persons, families, couples, and churches.

Not only do we want to point you to answers or resolutions, but when necessary and when we can, we will do our best to help you find someone to serve you in your locale. There are times when will recommend evaluation by a primary care physician, other medical specialist, or a psychiatrist.  We do not hesitate to use and refer clients to others than can serve their needs in addition to what we may offer.

If you cannot find the particular subject matter or issue on our website that you currently face, feel free to contact us via email, text message, or voice mail. We will respond as quickly as we are able.

For more information about LivingMFR, please visit About LivingMFR and What to expect; Fee schedule.

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