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aboutWelcome to Living: Marriage, Family, and Relationships a website dedicated to relationships wherever they may be in your life. Relationships are central to life and sources of great joy and fulfillment or at times sadness and challenge. Our goal is to provide insights, understanding, and teaching from the Bible. More so, we wish to help you understand the truth found within the pages of the Bible and help you learn how to apply it to your daily life and relationships. We believe the Bible is a special source of knowledge with particular application to the relationships that make up our lives.  We continue growing in our knowledge of classical and contemporary methods, clinical reports, and current trends in the world of counseling.  We also love serving persons, families, couples, and churches. The website is new so we are adding new content on a regular basis until sufficiently populated. Please return two or three times a week and look for new content.

Not only do we want to point you to answers or resolutions, but when necessary and when we can, we will do our best to help you find someone to serve you in your locale. There are also times when it is better to consider the more basic sources of help such a primary care physician.

If you cannot find the particular subject matter or issue you currently face, feel free to contact us via email, text message, or voice mail. We will respond as quickly as we are able.

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Seven Benefits of a Smile: Ken Sande RW360

My daughter, Megan, was eighteen months old when she decided to test her smile on a Hell’s Angel. Just before a vacation in Jackson, Wyoming, she had learned what a fun response she could get from adults when she beamed a big smile and gave them an enthusiastic, “Hi!” Whether we were sitting in a… Read More