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About GiniGini

Virginia (Gini) Pickle grew up in a missionary family in Indonesia. She attended Mississippi College where she received her B.S. in Education—emphasis in Special Education. That is also where she met her husband, Mike Pickle and they married after her graduation in 1976. In 1980 she received her Master’s in Religious Education at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She worked alongside her husband in church ministries for eight years. In 1982, they moved to Memphis, TN where Mike pursued another degree. Gini worked in the library as head of circulation until two weeks before their first child was born. During the next eight years, the Lord blessed them with six children. She then taught all of them through the high school years. When the youngest two were in high school and able to do most of their school work on their own, she became a Chaplain for Marketplace Ministries. This involved working part-time with different businesses. She now lives in Arkansas and serves the body of Christ with Mike, her husband of 39 years.

MikeAbout Mike

Mike Pickle grew up in central Mississippi the son of a doctor and a nurse. He graduated from Marion Military Institute with an AS degree in 1972 and Mississippi College with a BS in Chemistry in 1975. During the years at Miss. College he met Gini whom he married in 1976. They have six adult children. The year after graduating Mike found himself listening to others with deep needs and at times significant problems three of whom were divorcees. He thought it odd that these people were coming to him but offered insight from his life and study of the Bible. In 1977 Gini and Mike entered Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX. He graduated with a Master’s in Religious Education and later attended Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary graduating with a Master’s of Divinity with an emphasis in Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Greek. He served churches in four states filling multiple positions including janitor and pastor. The last 16 years he and Gini have been on staff with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) in the FamilyLife ministry in Little Rock, AR. In each ministry location Mike has served individuals, couples, and families with needs ranging from marital problems to issues between parents and children.

He has continued his study of counseling and helping people by taking distance education courses offered by the Christian Counseling Educational Foundation (CCEF) associated with Westminster Seminary near Philadelphia, PA, attending the CCEF national conference for the last 12 years and attending the Association of Biblical Counselors in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex two years.

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