For years at FamilyLife, whenever we had a radio listener or an conferee who approached us with difficult relationship issues or who needed specific, wise, godly counsel, we connected that person with Mike Pickle.  The combination of Mike’s training, his giftedness and his heart for hurting people made him the perfect person to minister one on one with people in hard places.  When Mike told me that God was leading him and Gini to do more full time, one on one counseling, I knew there would be many who would benefit from the hours they would now be able to invest in that work.  I’m happy to recommend them as a trusted source for compassionate, wise soul care.
Bob Lepine
FamilyLife Today

Since 2012, I’ve been struggling to come clean to my wife about all of the adultery and lying that I have been doing against God and her.  In 2012 I got in contact with Mike Pickle through FamilyLife. These past 4 years I’ve been encouraged, and mentored, and most importantly reminded that Jesus is Lord and that I need to seek Him and love my wife the way His word says and to walk in obedience to the Holy Spirit.

By being encouraged through the ministry that the Lord has given Pastor Mike Pickle, the Lord has lead me to be open , honest, and transparent about all my discrepancies against Him and my wife. Jesus has healed and saved my marriage. I’ve learned that I have been set free from the bondage of sin and sexual addiction. I am now a slave of righteousness, sealed, covered, and cleansed through the all sufficient sacrifice of the Son of God Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

I am secure in the finished work of Jesus Christ. I thank God the Father for the discipline and love that He has shown to me through my wife and Mike. Through these years Mike has been my mentor and has helped to teach and remind me through discipleship and Bible study. I have been encourage to love the ministry that the Lord has given me in the covenant of marriage, and to love my wife and children continuously. They are God’s gifts to me . . . .

My wife and Pastor Mike have walked with me through my time of darkness and told me to keep my “eyes on Jesus”—a text I receive numerous times from Mike. Jesus will never leave or forsake me.

I have been growing in faithfulness since 2012 and it hasn’t been without its challenges and heartaches, but I can now say that I love my Savior Jesus, I love my wife and spending quality time with her and my family, and am learning to seek out other Godly relationships with other men and couples who love and serve Jesus.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mike Pickle for always being available to speak with, and for mentoring and encouraging, and admonishing me as a brother in the Lord and as a father would his children. Thank you for your commitment to the ministry that the Lord has given you.
[Husband and father in Florida]

We first began talking to Mike Pickle a little over a year ago. At that time, our son, then 4, was becoming very difficult to handle. We had a new baby daughter, and questioned if the family addition was causing the distress.

Our normally active yet loving child was having severe temper tantrums. He would stomp down the hall, slam doors and become upset at some of the smallest inconveniences. The stress in our family was felt by each of us. We were at a loss of what to do.

Emotionally exhausted and desperate for new ideas, we began speaking with Mike Pickle while he was at FamilyLife. He encouraged us to take a new approach. Our son had always been healthy, but the top of Mike’s list was to have him checked for any other health issues. We had just completed his annual checkup, but we hadn’t taken him to an optometrist yet.

We were informed our son is, essentially, blind in one eye. Seeing out of only one eye makes seeing in 3D impossible. Our son was becoming frustrated multiple times during the day because he felt inferior for his age (not being able to pour his own milk, not being able to put things like Legos together easily, etc.). We can also safely assume he was suffering from headaches and stomach upset from the excessive strain on his seeing eye, as well as the blurred vision in his non-seeing eye.

Though he had had regular vision screenings through his pediatrician, nobody had ever suggested an eye doctor except Mike. To find that we not only missed our golden opportunity to correct our son’s vision with eye patching (his vision is 20/400 in his right eye – and his brain now lacks the ability to interpret the images, even with eyeglass correction), was devastating. But, we are grateful to have discovered the root of his anger issues.

Fifteen months later, our son is incredibly well-behaved. This week, in fact, he earned 100% positive points in his classroom. Not one negative act or violation occurred. He is described as kind, compassionate, a friend to everyone, and incredibly sweet to the younger children.

I’m sure we would have caught our son’s vision disability at some point, but having it identified when we did helped our family find harmony before we endured any serious consequences. Our son was given words for why he found simple things difficult. We gained patience as parents to understand his frustrations.

We are so grateful to Mike Pickle for his compassion and support during our difficult time. Mike was available to return my calls within a short period of time. He also still contacts us periodically to “check-in”. He was available through many forms of contact, and would pray for our family regularly. We are very grateful God opened doors for us to know Mike!
[Wife and mother in Nevada]

Over the past year, I have had the tremendous blessing of receiving godly guidance from Mike and Gini Pickle. They have constantly pointed me toward Christ as I have worked through many overwhelming struggles I have had to face from my past, and during this year. The biblical wisdom they have shared with me shed light on how to deal with my struggles, and helped to put me on a path toward God’s best for me.

I have learned the answer to my questions of “Why didn’t God prevent the deep painful hurts in my life, and where was He when I was going through them?” Their tender care, and genuine concern for me has been very evident every step of the way. I am grateful to God that He led me to them at a time when my heart was hurting so deeply. With their encouragement to follow God’s ways, and showing me practical ways to apply biblical truths to my situation, I have learned to let go and trust God to take my hurts rather than continuing to dwell on them. I am humbly blessed for having had their counsel and guidance. They are truly gifted in the area of serving individuals and couples, and work well together as a team.
[Wife and mother in Arkansas]

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