In Darkness There is Light: Moments of Encouragement

With all that happens with the elderly when dementia is involved, there are often rays of hope and encouragement.  One day as Mom’s mind was wandering through time, I asked her a question just to see what she would say.  Now a little context is in order.  I had in mind a particular answer to… Continue Reading

The Child Becomes the Parent: A New and Difficult Chapter

My sister, my wife, and I have been providing somewhat intensive care for my Mother this year, 2017.  I told my sister in 2014 that I realized that Mom was emotionally dependent on her which has not been too difficult to address until this year.  My sister said that Mom has been in steady decline… Continue Reading

Caregiver Burnout: A Quick Look

If you are reading our articles, you see two related to our experiences with protracted illness.  My third installment of that series will address my struggle with caregiver burnout.  I decided to post on the blog a description of caregiver burnout and some of the steps to mitigate its effects on the caregiver. Caregiver burnout… Continue Reading

Other Encouraging Signs with Dementia

I was awake because of back pain last night.  I happened to hear Mom or the aid talking so I got up and went downstairs.  Most of the time when I enter the scene in the middle of the night it is to try and help with Mom.  Last night was very, very different. We… Read More