Caregiver Burnout: A Quick Look

If you are reading our articles, you see two related to our experiences with protracted illness.  My third installment of that series will address my struggle with caregiver burnout.  I decided to post on the blog a description of caregiver burnout and some of the steps to mitigate its effects on the caregiver. Caregiver burnout… Continue Reading

7 Things People in Long-term Relationships Know about Great Sex

I read this article on a popular news site and the title piqued my attention.  After reading it, the source quoted is not in anyway related to a Christian or moral ideology, so I won’t give details further but thought that a response would be worth the time. Here are the points made: Time Brings… Continue Reading

Married Sex: A Learned Skill

One of the unique things we tell, teach premarried couples and those renewing their physical relationship is that sexual response is a learned skill.  For example, when learning to play basketball, one must learn to hold the ball, dribble, pass, shoot, and play with a team.  It takes time to grasp and eventually master all… Continue Reading

What a Family Restoration Can Look Like–From a Friend Part 2

Pride goes before the fall First, we could not agree on how to establish the value of the property.  There was the county value, which my brother said was way too high.  So, we said let’s get the property appraised.   He was not in favor of getting it appraised but stalled again at determining a… Continue Reading

Seven Benefits of a Smile: Ken Sande RW360

My daughter, Megan, was eighteen months old when she decided to test her smile on a Hell’s Angel. Just before a vacation in Jackson, Wyoming, she had learned what a fun response she could get from adults when she beamed a big smile and gave them an enthusiastic, “Hi!” Whether we were sitting in a… Read More