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What Happened to the Men? #1

Have you ever wondered what is happening in our society? Those of my generation, baby boomers, ask this question quite often. Well, one of the pivotal factors that has changed and allowed unwanted change in our nation and society is loss of the central place a husband and father had in the family for the first 173 years of this nation–1787-1960, arbitrary dating I know.
For those first 173 years, a man was expected to provide for, protect, and LEAD his family by his words, his example, and his position. In the 1960’s, the first widespread attack on the place of men in the home began with the ultra-feminist movement that proved to be a false premise. One feminist leader stated, “I have become the man I always wanted” or something very close to that. Now she is married; figure that one out.

After approximately 20 years of that false narrative, men began to rebel against this lie and walk away from responsibilities for the family seeking greener pastures. While this is exactly what the feminists wanted, they threw a collective fit and raised their voices higher and even a stronger male reaction took place.  I must admit that men did not react in a positive manner to say the least. In the late to mid 1990’s, there was a call from the pulpit in particular but also in the world of psychology for men to return to the place of leadership and commitment to the family.  The feminists railed against this movement they helped create and began in the 1990’s to call it patriarchy. American music often reflects society much better than contemporary television programming. Whether Rap, Hip Hop, Country, and almost all other genres, the total deletion and degradation of marriage, men as leaders in the home, or seeing women as equal and therefore deserving little respect or consideration is evident.

This weekend as I was doing some cleaning for Gini, my Mother’s Day gift to her. I noticed this family picture below from 2002 taken on the hill behind my parents house. I think this is the first time I have thought of this photo in this regard. Anytime we have a “formal” family photo taken, we take one that we think will be fun to break up the necessity to get it right.
MEN, notice how the family gathered around me and is “hanging on.” This is a picture of our RESPONSIBILITY before God to our family. Men, God has called us to be an anchor, a source of strength, a steady hand on the wheel of the ship of our family. There are days when I don’t think I did a very good job of fulfilling God’s plan and command. It is still OUR responsibility.
Steve Farrar has written several books for men that would certainly help you understand God’s plan and if he doesn’t do this in your opinion, I will buy the book from you.
“Anchor Man”
“Point Man”
“Standing Tall”
I don’t know how many he has written but I have read close to ten of them. Some of the best words for men you can find today.

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