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In Darkness There is Light: Moments of Encouragement

With all that happens with the elderly when dementia is involved, there are often rays of hope and encouragement.  One day as Mom’s mind was wandering through time, I asked her a question just to see what she would say.  Now a little context is in order.  I had in mind a particular answer to the question, so Mom’s response surprised me somewhat.  So I asked her, “who is your favorite person?”  I expected Mom to say Karen or K-k as she is known most of the time.  Our first cousin at the age of 2 could not vocalize Karen so he shortened her name to K-k.  At any rate, Mom responded without hesitation and with a tone saying I should have known her answer, “Jesus.”  I said, “Mom, I was thinking about someone who is here with us now.”  She responded, “Jesus.”  I said, “okay,” and we moved on in a random conversation.

A few days ago as she was waking, she indicated she wanted to do something.  In her early stage of wakefulness, I asked her what she wanted to do.  She replied in her now halting, raspy voice, “I want to walk in the ways of righteousness.”  I said, “Well, you have do so for quite a long time now.”

On another occasion, Mom and I were talking randomly, and she was preparing to go somewhere.  I asked her, “where are you going?”  Mom replied, “I am going home.”  I said, “We are home in your house.”  She said, “To our real home, heaven.”  I merely responded, “Okay.”

The darkness of dementia only serves to highlight the bright moments when the Holy Spirit is communing with the afflicted person.  In each of the moments sited above, I was surprised at my Mother’s response given the nature of our current conversation.  I was pleasantly surprised.

The Child Becomes the Parent: A New and Difficult Chapter

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Caregiver Burnout: A Quick Look

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Other Encouraging Signs with Dementia

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