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More Poems from Danielle

The Race

By Danielle L. Pickle (February 10, 2010)

Quitter, loser, failure

Hate, hate, hate

Nothing left to give

Yet nothing left to lose

It’s all about me

No! It’s all about you

Broken and shattered

Ugly and beaten down

No glory, all shame

 No victory, no crown

Here I am Lord

Take it or leave it

I am weary and sad

Tired of being strong

Done with the fighting

Sick of being wrong

It’s all about you

Yes! It’s all about you

All glory to God

The victory is won

No more tears, no more shame

For Freedom it was done!

Whatever It Takes

By Danielle L. Pickle on April 11, 2010

They want me to change

They offer their help

I push them away

I will strive on my own

Nothing is going my way

I am lost and confused

Wandering aimlessly around

I am lost; can I be found?

I want to feel something

Hate, sorrow, pain

The lightening, the storm, the rain

When will I feel joy again?

Free of this drowning pit of sin

I want to be through

I want to be free

I am here at your cross Lord

Oh please rid me of me

O Lord, I am humbled and broken

Take me here, take me now

Nothing else matters

Please show me how

I offer my life, I offer my soul

I offer my body, I offer my whole

Whatever it takes to be set free

Whatever it takes, for you are the victory

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