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These are Psalms Written by Danielle Lee Pickle

I suppose we have an odd family.  We do some peculiar things at times.  Through the years I have written poetry and that seems odd coming from someone so rough on the outside and a country boy to boot.  Other family members have written poetry or prose of one kind or another.  Since each piece is written from life experience, I thought it fit to share them here.  These categorized as “My ‘Psalms’ to God” are from Danielle our second daughter.

My “psalms” to God

The Robe

By Danielle L. Pickle on December 6, 2009

Knees on the ground, burdened by a great load
White linen skims over a dusty old road
The crowd is all around
His robe I have found
I reach, I grab, I know
One touch will heal my soul
One touch will make me whole

With another I almost collide
But in my heart, I am satisfied
Who touched me? Asks His voice
Falling at His feet, I know life is my choice
I reached, I grabbed, I knew
One touch would heal my soul
One touch would make me whole

One touch and I was healed
One touch and He was revealed
Rest in His arms and suffer no more
With His all, you, will He love and adore
Reach, grab, and know
One touch will heal your soul
One touch will make you whole

Mark 5:24-34

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