To Friends Facing Great Difficulty

I just read your latest post. I cannot tell you how my heart feels the weight of the daily struggle. I cannot tell you how real your pain-emotional/mental are to me. But, I know the struggle, frustration, anger, fight for sanity, often fear, and the weariness. You and he are true heroes. I know nothing happening today, yesterday and perhaps tomorrow convinces you of that, but it is the parent or spouse that perseveres, that take the frustration of a child or spouse hurting and with needs and continues on that is the hero. You two are.

One last thing you said troubled me. You noted that you signed the paperwork. No. No, you did not. It was signed by Adam and Eve the moment they disobeyed God. It was signed by the Enemy because he flooded all creation with destruction and chaos. It was signed by our Righteous Father the moment He promised that a war would be waged and that His son would be victorious. It was signed before you or T**** were born. It was signed in the blood of Christ our Lord before the foundations of the creation.  No, my young friends, you did not sign the papers, evil did and your family is caught in the cosmic struggle that will end and WE all will be victorious. So now, my heart is heavy for each of you. I am sad that you are caught in the reality that is Gen. 3. I am heartbroken that you two have been asked to carry a portion of this battle in your arms. I am speechless to offer any comfort, my eyes fill with tears of sadness and hope in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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