Expectations, Fees: Answers to Your First Questions

What to Expect

Thank you for visiting LivingMFR, we hope the following information will help you with expectations, fees, or contact us directly with your questions.  Through the years, the Lord has led us to offer the initial consultation free.  The purpose  during this meeting allows both parties to assess the compatibility to move forward.  If we, LivingMFR, do not feel we can truly be of service, we want to help you find the person or persons that might best serve you.  We also want you the client to make the decision to move forward, you are in charge of the counseling process.  Prior to the initial consultation or during this meeting, you will be handed an initial information form to help us get some basic information about you and your family and the presenting circumstances.

A significant difference: we do not charge by the hour but by the session.  A session may last 1.5 hrs or more.  Occasionally, a session will need to end in an hour but that will be stated before the session or at the beginning of the session.  We also offer intensive sessions at our home in Shirley, AR, a nice, rural setting that allows everyone to relax and share needs and hurts.  These intensive sessions may last 4-5 hrs. and are billed as a whole, see blow.

Fee Schedule

Base rate is $120 per session, paid at the end of sessions if other arrangements are not made, check or credit/debit card paid online through PayPal accepted.  [NOTE: you do not have to have a PayPal account to use their credit/debit option.] Optional rates offered to meet specific budget needs are $1100 and $100 per session.  This should be discussed toward the end of initial meeting.  Please understand that we cannot offer discounted rates to everyone and continue this work as outlined above.  We are happy to meet genuine needs when we can.  We have not turned anyone away because of their financial constraints.  If there are special financial considerations, please let us know during the initial discussion!

Intensive sessions are billed for the whole session at $250 per intensive session, assuming it is no more than 5 hours.

Telephone sessions are billed at $40 per session and confirmed during the conversation or video conference at a rate of $65 per session.  Each of these may be paid online under Support the ministry via the PayPal button.

A donation of $5 is requested for downloaded/printed articles to offset the expenses of maintaining our website.

Thank you and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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