How Is LivingMFR Different from Other Relationship Help Sites?

Living Marriage Family Relationship, or LivingMFR, was founded on the idea that marriage and family are cornerstones of social order, and that your family is an important part of that order. We believe in a biblically based approach to family and helping married couples move past the storms which may seek to derail the family unit. As a biblically based marriage website, we hold certain beliefs to be true. Some of the things we believe include:

  • The God of the Bible is the one true God and Supreme Creator of the universe. We believe that he exists in three distinct forms, but as one single entity, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • The Bible is the revelation of God to mankind.
  • Sin is the tendency and desire to disobey the word of God.
  • Marriage between man and woman is part of God’s design and intended to procreate the human race and to meet the emotional needs of humans.
  • Family is the foundational unit of society.
  • Extended relationships are a vital part of life.

We do have many other beliefs and biblical justifications for everything we believe, but these are just some of our core and foundational beliefs on which the information on this website is based.

As part of our efforts to spread accurate information regarding biblical/pastoral marriage instruction and how it differs from secular marriage counseling, we started this website as an informational resource of articles for anyone who might want more information on a biblical/pastoral approach. Started by husband and wife, Mike and Gini Pickle, educated and experienced Christians who have provided this type of help over a span of 40 years to dozens of couples in the past, this site is a good option for anyone looking for answers on how to make marriages, families, and relationships in general stronger and better.

In addition to biblical/pastoral marriage instruction, we also believe strongly in faith based pre‑marital counseling, for couples who are engaged or thinking about becoming engaged. A strong and healthy marriage requires a strong and healthy foundation, and the best way to avoid problems in the future of a marriage is to start building that foundation before the wedding. One way this is done is by understand what the Bible has to say and teach about marriage before entering into such a serious and permanent commitment. Like most other problems you might have to face, the Bible is full of God’s helpful information for building a strong and healthy marriage. In fact, the founders of this website have used the information found within the pages of the Bible to help keep their own marriage going strong for the last four decades. This is a testimony for the power of applying biblical marriage concepts.

Whether you’re looking for helpful advice on how to build a long lasting marriage from the beginning or how to mend a broken marriage, this website is for you. We offer content for individuals, married couples, and Christian ministers and counselors on many topics relating to faith based marriage and relationship education and practice.

Check our website frequently for updates and don’t forget to bookmark today.

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