Marriage: Why It Matters; Part 2

Honestly, I am both surprised and disappointed by the two decisions regarding marriage that the Supreme Court delivered last week.  [Originally posted in 2013]Regarding Proposition 8 in California, my oldest son tells me that the Court did not overturn Prop 8 but declared that citizens of California did not have the standing before the court to bring their case to the court.  Now that sounds good up to a point, just this side of a bridge to nowhere.  Let me clarify.

In California there is a law permitting citizens to have measures placed on the statewide ballot for a referendum so that every citizen of California has the right to express their feelings/opinion/convictions on the matter.  Proposition 8 passed with significant muster, Prop 8 vote count .  So, the Supreme Court did two things from my perspective–1) it said that citizens that have proper legal standing in California and have participated lawfully under the California Constitution and have led in a statewide referendum do not have any standing before the highest court in the nation; 2) the high court also implied at the least and actually at the worst was that the will of the people means nothing even though the California Constitution provides for the precise process that was used to enact Prop 8.  The consequences may seem moderate, I think they are a direct attack on the Constitution of the State of California and a slap in the face of 52.2% of the citizens that voted in 2008.

There was also the Defense of Marriage Act, DOMA.  It is expedient to remember why the Defense of Marriage Act was deemed necessary.  Here is a paper that will answer that question in quite a lengthy way, DOMA is necessary .   Having pointed this out, I do have a short answer to the question of why we needed DOMA.  Activist judges that are appointed for the remainder of their natural life, began to make law by fiat.  That is they began to promote the homosexual agenda in states like California and other west coast states and also in the northeastern section of the US.  The judges struck down laws and declared them unconstitutional even though there was no precedent to do so.  They also made declarations that parallel decisions by the Supreme Court in the 60’s and 70’s like removing the symbols of our moral standards from all schools–such as, posters of the Ten Commandments, Psalm 23, the Lord’s Prayer, the Beatitudes, and the like.  A statement by Thomas Jefferson taken from a personal letter to the Danbury Baptist Association was and has been used as the foundation of removing all vestige of the Judeo-Christian foundations of our nation and society.  Forcing by fiat from the judicial bench what cannot be legislated or won by persuasion is just totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

So, what is the significance of these thoughts?  There is a “slippery slope” that leads a society to demise and eventual destruction.  The leadership in Washington, D.C. today is pushing, pulling, leading, or perhaps searching for the slope that will lead to their empowerment, their will, their desires so that the United States of America is fundamentally changed.  If this continues, in fifty years those that are graduating from college today will have no idea who George Washington was and that he prayed daily to the Creator of the universe or that he prayed his way through a horrendous winter in Valley Forge.  They will not know the names of George Washington Carver or Booker T. Washington, men of God that did more for racial equality than a dozen contemporary figures in 2013.

Marriage is foundational to the United States, to society, and to the world as a whole.  This attack from the bench is the latest of many that undermine the moral and religious foundations of a nation that has endured longer than any form of government in modern times.

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