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Thank you again for visiting our website, a significant portion of the funding for our ministry comes from donations.  Living: MFR is a 501c3 organization under the US code of the IRS.  For any donation you make we will be most grateful.  Please know that our donation service is PayPal, the one you likely know and may have trusted to receive secure payments in the past.  We are delighted to be associated with PayPal.

Your gift can support the following:

  • General fund–any amount, including books, issue related booklets, scholarship funding to reduce per session cost, travel related to serving those seeking our help, to support the monthly expenses of the ministry, and occasional international travel
  • Counseling courses offer by CCEF–$500 per master’s level course
  • Donations for articles or blog posts copyrighted to us, $5

You may also pay for the following

  • Pay for personal sessions with Mike and or Gini, see rates on Rate Schedule page under Home page
  • Pay for personal telephone sessions
  • Pay for video conferencing when that is available
  • Pay for retreat or special event registration



  1. Click on donate button
  2. Directed to PayPal secure page, complete donation amount, option to make recurring
  3. Look at bottom left of page and choose Don’t Have a PayPal acct. continue
  4. Complete eform for credit/debit card
  5. Click on Review donation and continue
  6. Finalize and exit.

The only problem is that this takes you from our site, so you need to look in recent browser list of websites and choose Living: MFR again.  Sorry about that.


Other Encouraging Signs with Dementia

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